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Our Educational Projects

Over the past 15 years, Rostwa Engineers has been at the forefront of leveraging our expertise in construction, project management, and consultancy services to shape the future of learning environments. With a strong focus on educational sector infrastructure, we have spearheaded numerous projects, including the construction of schools and vocational training centers.

Our dedication to educational excellence is evident in our holistic approach, which emphasizes quality Construction and effective project management to meet tight deadlines and budget constraints. Through our consultancy services, we tailor solutions to support educational institutions in implementing innovative programs and enhancing learning outcomes.

Featured Projects

Mater Ecclasie Nurses and Midwifery Training School – Luwero

St. Clare Primary School Aber – Oyam

Adilang Vocational Training Institute Phase 1

St Clare Primary School Phase I Aber- Oyam


Tuto Junior School Phase II

Tuto Junior School Phase I

All Featured Projects