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Adilang Vocational Training Institute Phase 4

  • Adilang Vocational Training Institute Phase 4
  • Adilang Vocational Training Institute Phase 4
  • Adilang Vocational Training Institute Phase 4


Adilang Vocational Training Institute: Phase 4 – Girls Dormitory

Building on the momentum of growth achieved in previous phases, our client DPFL announced the start of construction on Phase 4 for the Adilang Vocational Training Institute (AVTI). This phase focuses on providing comfortable and secure on-campus accommodation for female students

Project Details

  • Construction of a Girls’ Dormitory: Rostwa Engineers constructed a modern dormitory specifically designed to meet the needs of AVTI’s female students.
  • Increased Student Housing Capacity: The dormitory  features eight (8) individual cubicles, each with a larger capacity to comfortably house eight (8) students, providing a total capacity of 64 beds. This addresses the higher student population compared to the boys’ dormitory.
  • Emphasis on a Safe and Inclusive Environment: The design prioritizes a comfortable, secure, and inclusive living space, fostering a sense of community and well-being among female students.

Project Scope

Rostwa Engineers’ commitment to this project includes:

  • Detailed design and engineering of the dormitory, ensuring adherence to safety regulations, accessibility standards, and student well-being considerations.
  • Construction management, maintaining high-quality construction practices and adhering to timelines.
  • Installation of all necessary utilities and amenities within the dormitory, catering to the specific needs of female students.
  • Close collaboration with the AVTI administration to ensure the project aligns with their vision for a holistic and inclusive learning environment.

Project Impact

The successful completion of Phase 4 is a significant milestone for AVTI. By providing expanded on-campus housing specifically designed for female students, the institute can attract a wider student population and offer a more inclusive educational experience. This will contribute to a more diverse and skilled workforce, fostering the continued development of the community.

Rostwa Engineers remains dedicated to delivering high-quality construction projects that meet the specific needs of our clients. We are committed to working collaboratively with AVTI  and ensured a successful Phase 4 construction and contribute to the institute’s long-term goal of empowering future generations.

Client: DPFL

Location: Adilang, Agago District

Completed date: May, 2024

Category: Construction