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St Clare Primary School Phase II

  • St Clare Primary School Phase II
  • St Clare Primary School Phase II


Rostwa Engineers spearheaded the design and construction of Phase II of St. Clare Primary School, situated in Oyam District.

This transformative project aimed to enhance educational infrastructure and access to essential resources in the community. We focused on constructing a new classroom block equipped with modern amenities to create a conducive learning environment for students.

In addition to the classroom block, we installed an electronic water pump to provide reliable access to clean water for the school and surrounding community. To maximize water conservation, the classroom block incorporates a rainwater harvesting system, ensuring sustainable water management even during dry seasons. we erected a water tank supported by steel infrastructure to store harvested rainwater, mitigating water scarcity challenges in the school.

Through our collaborative efforts, we have not only improved educational facilities but also addressed critical water supply needs in the community. This project reflects our commitment to supporting community development initiatives and empowering future generations through access to quality education and essential resources.

Client: St Clare Children's home

Location: Oyam

Completed date: January 2019

Category: Construction