What you say to your colleagues at work speaks volumes about you and the values you stand for. The phases you say will either make them feel comfortable or uncomfortable when working with you. Here are some captivating phrases that can help you stir your team members towards the organization’s cardinal objectives.

Many thanks: The importance of making your team members feel appreciated are highly powerful motivators. A great sense of belonging can even have a greater impact on your colleagues’ morale and engagement than financial incentives. You should make it a point of call to say “Thank you” to your team mates regularly.

Feel free to come to my office anytime: If your colleagues know they have unfettered access to their team member, they’ll have a greater sense of belonging, they will feel more confident taking on challenges and demonstrating initiative, since they have guaranteed guidance from their workmates.

I’ll look into that and give you an update :Rather than shut them down when they ask you for something at an important moment, you can use this phase to buy yourself more time to resolve their query. Also, it’s important to mean it and follow through with it when you say it.

You can ask me any question yet another statement that throws open your doors and a sense of belonging among colleagues. This motivates your colleagues to commit to work, knowing they have all the resources and support they need to succeed.

Can you give me your opinion on this?  In many instances, you can gain valuable insights from your colleague’s inputs. It’s crucial for you to show your appreciation for their inputs, even though it might make you appear less-knowledgeable. With this statement, you can widen your intellect while also boosting your team mates’ sense of belonging.

There’s good news and also bad news there always comes a time when you have to deliver unpleasant news to your colleagues, and it’s always good to soften the blow by pointing to the brighter side of things. With this phrase, you don’t need to fear telling the truth to your employees but can phrase it like “Here is the situation on ground and what it means for you”