Top 5 ways to improve employees productivity at site

Employee productivity is a vital issue at work which most companies aim at attaining at the best. High productivity will trigger the need for your employees to generate a certain level of output to keep the profits flowing. Improving employees’ productivity begins at the managerial level and good manager will not assert himself/herself as a regulator at work but rather serve as a mentor. Here are some simple top 5 tips you can use to improve employee productivity.

  1. . Make sure your employees wear Personal Protective Equipment
    While workers should never be careless, it is important especially for those who work in the construction business to wear Personal Protective Equipment at all times. Not only does this protect a person from injury, it also makes production faster as there is no need to be too delicate with each job done. Also make sure to provide you employees with the right equipment. More modern or electrical tools might help prevent injuries and longer working hours
  2. Make sure tasks are clearly delegated
    sometimes; a task is left undone because people are waiting for each other on who will do it. Don’t make it a voluntary thing. Make sure each task is clearly assigned to particular workers so that nothing gets left behind.
  3. Don’t assign too many tasks to one person
    Workers should have their own specific task. A carpenter focuses on the carpentry work. Architects and engineers shouldn’t be expected to hammer down pieces of wood and nails. Plumbers are assigned to install pipes and electricians are tasked to take care of all wirings. If a worker is assigned tasks that are not his expertise, work gets slower and the job becomes inferior.
  4.  Set target dates and goals.
    Everybody should know about target dates. From day 1, your workers should already know what is expected from them. There should be a daily, weekly and/or monthly goal
  5. Keep your employees motivated
    It could be a simple pep talk before each work day or you could give a hardworking construction worker a pat on the back every once in a while—there are so many different ways to motivate employees and the best way to keep productivity up is by making sure each one of your workers are determined and happy to their work.