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From Humble Beginnings to Building Dreams: 15 Years of Rostwa Engineers


The story of Rostwa Engineers isn’t your typical tale of corporate giants. Ours began in a single room, not in a gleaming high-rise, but in Kitgum Town, Uganda, back in December 2008. Fueled by ambition and a shared vision, two friends, Eng. Obwor Emmanuel and Mwaka Isaac Phillip, dreamt of using their engineering expertise to make a real difference.

From St. Joseph’s Hospital to Rostwa Engineers Limited:

Their journey began at St. Joseph’s Hospital. As their contracts there neared completion, the spark of entrepreneurship ignited. Rostwa (derived from Roads, Structures, Water) was born – a name symbolizing the foundation they envisioned for Uganda’s future.

A Decade of Growth and Milestones (2009-2019):

Some of the staff during a retreat in Garuga

The early years were a testament to hard work and resilience. Under the leadership of Mr. Onen John Norbert from 2009 to 2016, Rostwa steadily grew its portfolio. In 2017, with Eng. Obwor taking the helm, the company relocated its headquarters to Entebbe, laying the groundwork for further expansion.

The year 2019 marked a significant milestone – a decade of successful projects and a team brimming with pride. As they celebrated at their Entebbe offices, a new vision emerged – the dream of a permanent home for Rostwa.

Building the Future, Brick by Brick (2019-2024):

Dreams have a way of turning into reality. In 2022, Rostwa Engineers proudly opened its main offices in Mpala, Entebbe. This new space symbolizes not just growth, but a commitment to the future.

15 Years and Beyond: The Legacy Continues

From a single room in Kitgum to a thriving engineering firm, Rostwa’s journey is a testament to the power of friendship, dedication, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Today, as we celebrate 15 years, we look back with immense pride at the schools, hospitals, and vital infrastructure projects that stand as testaments to our work.

But our story isn’t over. We are filled with excitement as we look towards the next chapter. With a commitment to sustainable practices, innovative solutions, and a passion for building a brighter East Africa, Rostwa Engineers is poised to make a lasting impact for years to come.


Happy 13th anniversary Rostwa Engineers Limited .The day began with a  chilly and cold  morning, the birds were singing in the sky (seemed like congratulation messages)everything seemed calm, almost all colleagues were in jackets and coats to warm up the cold body but our hearts were warm because of the 13th anniversary. The journey has been long but with our partners, clients and a well built team of staffs we have managed to reach this mile stone. We send our sincere appreciation to all our staffs, clients and partners for standing with us all through.

Rostwa staffs after having an agricultural training.

During the 13th anniversary celebration we decided take a little different journey for the celebration. In order to fulfill our 3nd core values of Responsibility to the community in which we operate, we decided to have a corporate social responsibility activity of planting more than a hundred trees in one of our sites as a way of protecting the environment (St Clare Primary School Aber Oyam District).

Rostwa staffs during tree planting at St Clare Primary School Oyam District

We looked at our staffs and saw a need of having an agricultural training since our country has agriculture as its back bone. The training was not directed to the day to day company work but to help in subsidizing income and future retirement plans of staffs. The onsite time had a training on first aid, financial literacy, job awareness and company core values. Hence improvement of quality of life through our work.

Pictorial moment during an Agricultural training in Entebbe.

Rostwa SACCO was also launched on the 13th anniversary, this was to address developmental and emergency needs of life which always happens during work. The SACCO will help develop a pool to create resources and encourage savings to enable improved life through work as our 1st core value states.

Rostwa On site team during a training session in Luweero.

As the day drew to an end for team building purposes, dinner and drinks were served, the team interacted with fun. Indeed EXCELLENT NEVER IS ENOUGH we will continuously improve the quality of our work in order to meet more than what is expected from us.

The on site team having a meal during Rostwa day celebration.

Rostwa day.

Rostwa Engineers Limited was founded 12 years ago on 27.04.2019, its been a long journey but still long way to go. For this year it was celebrated on 01.05.2021(Labour day) in order to celebrate the new head office blessing(grand opening) and 12th year anniversary.

It was a function graced with Prayers and few speeches from Directors,Administrators and lastly guest of Honor(Hon. Makmot Edward Otto) we still continue to thank all our guests who honored the invitation.

We still continue to thank our Partners,Clients and staff for all the efforts in making Rostwa Engineers Limited a better company.we will continue to follow our values and fulfill the needs of our Clients as our motto goes EXCELLENT NEVER IS ENOUGH.